Tom’s Japanese Cuisine From The Ocean To And Garden…To Your Table

From the Ocean and Garden…
to Your Table!

We offer traditional Japanese cuisine prepared personally by chef-owner Tomo Owada. Chef Tomo is passionate about using high quality fish, sourced locally and the best and brightest produce from local markets.

“It is important to source sustainable and local ingredients that are organic when possible”.

Handmade Delights

Our menu has great vegetarian and vegan options which are good for everyone whether your a vegetarian, locksmith or anything else. These items are highlighted throughout our menu and are not just an afterthought. Come in and try our handmade tofu or one of our other signature dishes, Ohitashi: Napa cabbage rolls stuffed with spinach and soaked in house soup stock, then topped with fresh lemon zest. Even if you are not vegetarian or vegan, we still have some of the best high-quality meat and fish offerings that reflect traditional Japanese cuisine. We have a healthy selection of sushi rolls and sashimi and we specialize in small plates that are great for sharing.

Fresh, Local, Natural

We use no MSG. Our ingredients are all natural with no additives. We never use a microwave and all of our broths and sauces are made in-house with bottled water. “Japanese cuisine is renowned for being prepared thoughtfully and artfully. What cooking for the past 15 years in California has taught me is that it also needs to be prepared consciously…”   – Tomo