Lunch is served Mon – Fri from 11:30am – 2:00pm

Bento Box

Comes with rice, salad, pickled seasonal vegetables, and vegan miso soup
Ask your server for the specials of the day. We use what’s best from the market.

Bento box Market Price
Vegetable bento box Market Price (V)

Big Rice Bowls

about 0.6lb rice with topping, comes with miso soup
Gyu don – tender strips of marinated beef with an onion reduction 7.99
Tenshin don – egg omelet with Amazu sweet and sour sauce 7.99
Yasai don – Pan-fried seasonal veggies with soy and sesami oil reduction 6.99 (V)
Spicy Tuna don– spicy tuna, green onion, Nori seaweed – 8.99


Tapas style

Vegetable Kaki-age – seasonal veggie tempura with traditional dipping sauce 6.99 (V)
Hand-made House Tofu 3.99 (V)
Edamame 2.99 (V)
Sunomono – pickled cuc, sea weed and Napa cabbage with vinegar sauce 3.99 (V)
Ohitashi – Napa cabbage rolls stuffed with spinach and soaked in house soup stock 4.99 (V)
Chiken Tatsuta-age – traditional deep-fried chicken 5.99
Pork Kakuni – tender pork simmered with sweet soy sauce broth 6.99
Gyu-Tataki – tender marinated beef tartare topped with onion, garlic and soy reduction 7.99
Saba Miso-ni – mackerel simmered in miso sauce 7.99
Chicken Teriyaki – tender chicken with house made Teriyaki sauce 6.99

Rice and Noodles

Steamed rice – comes with small pickled seasonal veggie dish .99 (V)
Udon (wheat) or Soba (buckwheat) Noodles with dipping sauce 6.99 (V)

Sushi and Sashimi

Please check our fresh daily specials

Nigiri (2pcs) / Sashimi (5pcs)

Maguro (tuna) 4.99 / 8.99
Hamachi (yellow tail) 4.99 / 8.99
Sake (salmon) 3.99 / 7.99
Ebi (boiled shrimp) 3.99 / 7.99
Saba (pickled mackerel) 2.99 / 6.99
Suzuki (sea bass) 3.99 / 7.99
Unagi (BBQ eel) 4.99 / 9.99

Sushi Rolls

Tekka (tuna roll) 4.99
Negiham (yellow tail and green onion roll) 4.99
Kappa Kappa (cucumber roll) / Takuan (pickled daikon radish roll) 3.99 each (V)
Vegetable roll (futomaki style vegie roll) 5.99 (V)
California (crab meat and avocado) 4.99
Spicy Tuna (tuna, chili pepper, chili oil, cucumber, radish, sprouts) 5.99
Tempura (shrimp tempura, cucumber, mayo, fish roe) 6.49
Spyder (soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, sprouts, mayo, fish roe) 8.99

Miso soup 1.49 (V)


Green tea .99
Brown rice tea .99
Roasted tea .99
Cola 1.49
Diet Cola 1.49
Ginger Ale 1.49
Sprite 1.49


Green tea ice cream 3.99
Vanilla ice cream 3.99

Coming Soon….Sake and Beer!
Please be patient with us. We are waiting for our license.
Thank you